Uncle Said Knock You Out
Sportscaster Randy Rosenbloom Has a New Sports Story to Tell

Sports broadcaster developing new film about an old legend

THOUSAND OAKS, CA- Ventura101 met up with Randy Rosenbloom on Saturday, 16 minutes to kick-off at the CLU Regents Homecoming Football game in Thousand Oaks, CA. As a token of thanks for his time, we came armed with an extra nonfat- double-tall-mocha, but he politely stated, “I don’t touch the stuff.” Then he pointed to his co-anchor, Eric Corwin, “It’s his.” We were under the impression all journalists (second maybe to college students?) rely on coffee. Not Randy. He also informs us he doesn’t drink alcohol. No beers after the game? We’re already 0 for 2.

Where He’s Been
As Randy begins to state his many current projects and gigs (if it’s possible to be in two places at once, he’s done it), it’s becoming clear that he’s unlike most sports broadcasters. As cliche as it sounds, he’s really in it for the love of the game. Sure, he’ll confess that when he was younger he wanted to be a Major League baseball player and that “My mom, the typical Jewish mother, you know, wanted me to be a doctor or lawyer.” But with the success he’s enjoyed in his industry, it’s probably a bit difficult to harbor any disappointment from failing to become the next Dodger, esquire or Dr. Rosenbloom.

Currently Randy’s the Sports Director for LA/36 and hosts Socal Prep Report. You can see him on KLCS, LA 58 hosting sports programming and calling games. He also does play-by-play for both California Lutheran University Football, and Fresno State Football and Basketball. In addition to TV, he co-hosts a syndicated NFL/College football radio show. His resume includes covering almost every televised sport in existence, ping-pong and poker excluded. He’s done it all from Olympic reporting on volleyball, water polo, canoeing, rowing, and kayaking to live coverage for WNBA, NBA, NFL and even Wimbledon. Essentially, Randy’s been telling us the “story of the game” for more than 30 years.

Where He’s Going
His next story to tell is about a sports legend a little closer to his heart, because Randy, as it turns out, is the nephew of legendary 1930's boxer-turned-actor, ‘Slapsie Maxie Rosenbloom.’ If you haven’t heard of Slapsie, Randy’s latest mission is to change all of that by making a movie about his famous uncle. Slapsie was more of a comedian than he was a savage-boxer, but of 275 professional fights he boasted 210 wins.

Ironically, it was a sports journalist responsible for giving Maxie Rosenbloom the “Slapsie” moniker because of his distinctive open-glove hitting style. And, if Randy gets his way, he’ll become the sports journalist responsible for bringing the story of Slapsie’s life and legacy to the big screen. As Randy put it, “He lived one of the top 20 lives of the 20th century.” In fact, in a follow-up move to his boxing titles, Slapsie went on to enjoy a successful acting career working among some of Hollywood royalty for a span of over 30-years. He even owned a popular nightclub in LA (and San Fran), aptly named Slapsy Maxie’s, rumored to have mob ties. Slapsie’s life incorporates all the necessary tenets of a great biopic and we think, with a little present-day Rosenbloom magic, Randy’s got a good shot at telling his next sports story via movie screens nationwide.

Special Thanks to Randy Rosenbloom for taking the time to talk to Ventura101. Next time, we’ll skip Starbucks and bring water.