Jocelyne's been digitally addicted since 1983 when she programmed her first BASIC code game on a Commodore 64 home computer. She's provided digital creations, training and consulting services since 1999. Her social media footprint began in 2006, when Jocelyne became a beta-tester for a new platform called Twitter.

Jocelyne is an alumni of San Diego State University, graduating from The School of Communication specializing in New Media Studies. She is also a graduate of Ventura College, with degrees in Liberal Arts and Criminal Justice. She was one of the first attendees of Wordcamp, Orange County despite her adoration for Dreamweaver and Fireworks.

Jocelyne has worked as On-Air DJ, Talk Show Host and Web Designer for several radio stations in Southern California. Her on-air delivery ranges from Hot AC Countdown Show DJ to NPR traffic reporter. She even provided computer advice to callers as The Computer Diva. Jocelyne won Bronze ADDY Award for Best Use of Sound in the Radio category for her work done on a Gannett Company ad campaign.

Jocelyne lives in Hollywood, CA with her ex-shelter dogs, Louie and Petey.